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Maiki Sherman responds to criticism of poll coverage

Summarised by Centrist

TVNZ’s political editor, Maiki Sherman, faces criticism for her coverage of a recent political poll, with viewers and politicians questioning her tone and language. Her seemingly over-the-top glee on reporting a negative poll result for the coalition government generated more than 8 times the usual number of complaints on any given day for TVNZ. 

Sherman acknowledges the feedback and expresses willingness to adjust her presentation style while maintaining her “unique” approach. 

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon described the coverage as “frothy and sensationalist,” while former Labour MP Stuart Nash criticised its presentation as “shocking.” Sherman’s coverage, including phrases like “nightmare poll” and “mayday for the coalition,” has sparked debate over bias and appropriateness, especially considering the distance to the next election. Public broadcaster TVNZ reports that they received at least 50 complaints. Normally, they’d receive about 6 on any given day throughout the year. 

Despite the criticism, Sherman remains committed to delivering impactful political journalism and engaging with her audience.

Read more over at The NZ Herald (Paywalled)

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