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Man receives 217 COVID vaccines – “More is not better”

Summarised by Centrist

Scientists have examined a human COVID vaccine pin-cushion – a man who chose to get vaccinated 217 times. The good news? He’s never had either COVID or any vaccine side effects, but is more really better?

In a case from Magdeburg, Germany, a 62-year-old individual, only identified as HIM, opted to receive the copious number of vaccines over 29 months. It’s unknown why the man wanted hundreds of vaccine doses, yet despite the staggering number of injections, he reported no adverse effects. 

Notably, when compared to a control group, which received a standard three dose mRNA regimen, HIM’s immune response was not better off for the hyper vaccination regimen he received.

“That settles that more is not better,” writes author James Lyons-Wieler of Popular Rationalism.

However, in his article, Lyons-Wieler cautions that “by not experiencing adverse effects from an extreme number of vaccinations, HIM’s case could be misinterpreted as evidence of the unconditional safety of COVID-19 vaccines.”

Read more over at Popular Rationalism

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