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Mar Galcerán: Spain’s first woman with Down Syndrome takes office

Summarised by Centrist

Mar Galcerán, 45, has made history in Spain by becoming the first woman with Down Syndrome to serve as a regional deputy in the Parliament of Valencia. A member of the People’s Party (PP), Galcerán had previously run for office in the 2023 local elections without success. However, due to the resignations of two individuals on the list, she was given a second chance and secured the position.

With a background in hospitality and tourism, Mar Galcerán has worked in the public sector for 26 years and has also been the president of Asidown in the Valencian Community. Her goal as a deputy is to defend the rights of people with disabilities while serving society as a whole.

Editor’s Note: Individuals with Down’s syndrome, like anyone else, should be evaluated based on their individual capabilities. Mar Galcerán’s appointment challenges the stereotype that conservatives are inherently close-minded. In Spain, they have chosen to prioritise qualifications and potential over preconceived notions. 

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