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McCoskrie: You can do anti-bullying classes without the cross dressing

Summarised by Centrist

“Drag queen storytime,” was initially sold as a means to promote inclusivity and combat bullying. But as Bob McCoskrie of Family First sees it, the movement to expose trans ideology to young people reveals an agenda involving the sexualisation of children.

McCoskrie says the quiet bit has been said out loud as what has long been held up as a supposedly anti-bullying, grassroots movement is outed as something different. 

In dissecting a mainstream media puff piece selling Rainbow Storytime to audiences, McCoskrie takes issue with the idea that it’s about “education”: 

“You can do anti-bullying classes without the cross dressing,” he says.

McCoskrie argues that the larger agenda of the “radical relationships and sexuality education curriculum” is a narrative imported from overseas. He notes that NZ libraries are approaching drag queens to read to children (i.e. not grassroots) and that it’s become a lucrative business as fees for the service skyrocket. 

Also, what’s touted as a “curriculum” around Rainbow Storytime is often designed by trans activists without formal qualifications. McCoskrie advises parents to be concerned about the appropriateness of some of these people acting as role models to children and the sexualisation of children’s spaces.

Hear more over at McBlog

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