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Media ignores Labour’s corrupt practices, but will they do the same for National?

Summarised by Centrist

Journalist Wendy Geus, in her piece Media averted gaze for six years from Labour’s corrupt practices discusses how the mainstream media will attack National party leader Christopher Luxon’s wife, while the families of Labour party members are left alone.

Geus asks, “Isn’t it a fact that the biassed media (many of them women) consider conservative women like Judith Collins and Amanda Luxon fair game for attack and reserve the misogynistic label to protect women on the left, particularly the really guilty one, who slunk away when things got tough?”

When Prime Minister Ardern was criticised for her policies, the media called it misogynistic. But they  attack Christopher Luxon’s wife for her private purchase of a Tesla. Media felt free to attack John Key’s children, but have studiously observed the privacy rules around family for Ardern and Hipkins—except when Ardern needed to use her daughter for political purposes.

Read the full story over at The Platform

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