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Met Office’s approach to measuring climate change: ‘junk science-on-stilts’

Summarised by Centrist

The U.K. Met Office is proposing a shift in its climate change calculation methodology to a blend of 10 years of actual temperature data with model projections for the next decade. 

According to Chris Morrison, environmental editor of the Daily Sceptic, this is nothing more than ‘junk science on stilts’. By using model data to zhuzh up the numbers, climate scientists could potentially claim, much more quickly, a breach of the 1.5°C warming target set in the Paris climate agreement. 

Needless to say, climate models may be driven by political agendas, namely Net Zero, and have barely an accurate reading between them despite decades of trying.  

Moreover, concerns about data quality such as faulty and manipulated measurements, including historical temperature records, don’t inspire confidence in the proposal. 

Worse, the 10 year calculation appears to be a cynical deviation from official guidelines that insist at least three decades of data is required:

“The World Meteorological Organization considers a thirty-year period to be the minimum required to calculate the average climate, known as a climate normal,” notes

Read more over at Daily Sceptic

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