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Minister to review fishing industry donor requests for removal of boat cameras 

Summarised by Centrist

Newsroom is reporting that Westfleet’s CEO, a significant donor to NZ First’s Shane Jones, is urging the Fisheries Minister to eliminate boat cameras, citing privacy concerns for fishermen. 

At a wine and oysters meeting, Craig Boote advocated against what he perceives as intrusive surveillance. Reports suggest Jones is sympathetic to the request. Jones acknowledges the industry’s discontent and says he will raise the issue in Cabinet. Although Jones is reportedly doubtful they can be gotten rid of entirely. 

Cameras on boats were introduced by the previous government and are meant to capture data on bycatch. 

Jones suggests the footage from cameras, at the minimum, should be exempt from OIA requests. 

Some fishing companies see the cameras as a positive step in helping preserve the  “social licence” of fishing companies. 

Environmentalists are critical of the close ties between Jones and industry donors, raising concerns about prioritising economic interests over environmental sustainability. 

Read more over at Newsroom

Image: Bernard Spragg. NZ

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