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Minorities don’t need DEI…if they’re qualified! 

Summarised by Centrist

In a rebuke of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies (DEI), the editors of alt-finance site ZeroHedge (known collectively by the pseudonym “Tyler Durden”) brazenly declare that qualifications trump quotas. 

”The bottom line is that merit is the only reasonable way to run a society.”

The political left, especially in the US, say critiquing someone as a DEI hire is equal to a racial slur. But facts are facts and it’s nothing to do with race, according to the Tylers. 

Diversity should be celebrated, but not at the expense of excellence. DEI prioritises factors like skin colour and gender over competence, undermines meritocracy and promotes unqualified hires. Corporations, which enable DEI policies, experience declines in productivity. 

“Most people don’t care if a doctor or lawyer or firefighter or architect or their manager in charge is a minority, they just want the best person for the job,” they write. 

Furthermore, favouring quotas over merit fosters resentment and hurts the minorities it purports to benefit: 

“(N)ow whenever we see a minority in a vital job we’re going to wonder if they got that position because they’re capable or because of their skin colour and sexual preferences.  

In other words, DEI = Didn’t Earn It.”

Read more over at ZeroHedge

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