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National proposes flexible changes to paid parental leave, Labour responds

The Platform, Summarised by Centrist

The National Party has proposed changes to the 26 weeks paid parental leave, to give parents “more flexibility over how they use this leave.” 

For example, if a mum and dad both want to take paid parental leave for two weeks when their baby is born they could do. National says this change wouldn’t cost taxpayers any more money.

Labour turned it down. National’s deputy leader Nicola Willis says she was shocked they turned it down. She believes they were just being political and robbed parents of a win.

Labour has since announced a 4 weeks “Paid Partner’s Leave” (starting with two weeks, increasing to four weeks by 2026) under a Chris Hipkins led Labour Government. This leave could be “taken concurrently or consecutively with Primary Carer’s leave.

Listen to the full interview over at The Platform.

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