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New sexuality app for teens warrants X rating for many 

In brief 
  • A new “one-stop-shop” app for all sexuality related questions, aimed at 13 and up.
  • The site blurs lines between sex ed and far left politics. 
  • ‘Men’ is only used in relation to rape and to help define the word ‘Gay’. 
  • Instead, terms like ‘person with a penis’ is used. 
  • “Marriage” and “abstinence” aren’t mentioned, but there are plenty of Māori words.  

New sexuality app developed by University of Canterbury (UC)

There’s a new mobile app out for “Relationship and Sexuality Education” (RSE), called The Puāwaitanga, Beyond the Birds and the Bees

Developed by UC, it’s described as a “one-stop-shop” for all sexuality related questions young people might have. It’s aimed at those 13 and above.

UC donated $200,000 towards the development of this app. It was created because “research shows” young people across NZ want more “sexuality education” at home and at school. This is according to  the app’s project director, Tracy Clelland, an adjunct lecturer in the Faculty of Health at UC. 

In a One News interview, Clelland mentions interviewing parents across New Zealand, and said “lots of them” told her stories about their 8 and 9 year olds asking questions like, ‘what is a sex toy?’”

“It’s important to have sexuality education at home – where they hear their parents’ values – and in schools, so kids can hear different values and different beliefs”, she says.

This app is based on one developed in the Netherlands called Sense. “The Dutch site for all your questions about sex”.

Blurred lines

The information on the app, which liberally sprinkles Māori words and phrases throughout, blurs the lines between a detached clinical view of sexuality and far left ideological sexual identity politics. 

For instance, the terms ‘man’ and ‘woman’ are virtually non-existent. In fact, the only time ‘men’ are mentioned specifically is in relation to a definition of the word ‘Gay’ and in a discussion on the site pertaining to rape and sexual harm. Instead, a “person” either has a penis or a vulva. 

The idea that sex should only be between two consenting adults cannot be found expressly on the site despite sections on ‘Boundaries’ and a focus on first time experiences. 

The site extends into other matters such as dating and relationship advice. Despite a section dedicated to “Romantic Love”, at no point is the word ‘marriage’ used. Nor is the concept of abstinence ever endorsed. 

The site does stress ‘consent’ while giving tips on ‘Hand jobs’, ‘Anal sex’, and other sexual techniques and encourages sexual experimentation. 

The app lists cleaning sex toys as a “Hot Tip”. 

Unquestioning mainstream media, again

RNZ ran an article on this app August 1, this year, introducing it as a “free platform” and source of “reliable information”. 

This article’s headline says it’s for parents but a few paragraphs down it says “the content is primarily aimed at teenagers.”

This app is great, says the article, because one teenager was able to teach their parents how to correctly use gender pronouns.

National Party says sexuality education belongs at home

Leaders of the National Party says sex and sexuality education is a job for parents, not for schools. 

In June, this year, National Party’s deputy leader Nicola Willis said: “That’s the job for me and my husband to do with our kids, based on our values and our views of the world… I want my education system focused on teaching my children how to read, how to write and how to do maths.”

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