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New Zealand moves up global ranking as child poverty rates decline according to UNICEF

Summarised by Centrist

New Zealand has improved its global ranking in reducing child poverty, according to UNICEF’s 18th Report Card titled “Child Poverty in the Midst of Wealth.” The report compared child poverty rates in high-income and upper middle-income countries in the European Union and OECD. New Zealand is now ranked 19th out of 39 countries, reflecting progress in reducing child poverty over a seven-year period. 

However, the report says disparities exist, with higher poverty rates among Māori, Pacific children, and especially those with disabilities. 

UNICEF Aotearoa calls on the government to establish a roadmap for a universal child payment by 2030 and to maintain healthy school lunches. 

The report says that poverty is not just about income, but also includes access to essentials like heat, nutritious food, and clothing.

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