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New Zealand’s shift in Middle East policy: Support for US-UK airstrikes on Yemen

Summarised by Centrist

New Zealand is making significant changes to its foreign policy in the Middle East. Prime Minister Christopher Luxon announced that New Zealand would provide intelligence support for future US and UK airstrikes on Yemen, targeting Houthi attacks on commercial shipping. While Luxon downplayed the move, stating it’s not unusual for New Zealand to support Middle East actions, it marks a significant shift.

New Zealand traditionally focused on peacekeeping and naval missions in the region but has now aligned itself with countries conducting airstrikes on Yemen.

The contribution is expected to be intelligence-related, aiding in precision targeting. This shift represents uncharted territory for New Zealand’s independent foreign policy, which typically opposed military interventions. The move comes amid regional tensions heightened by the conflict in Gaza, potentially affecting New Zealand’s diplomatic role in the Middle East, however Foreign Minister Winston Peters rejects any notion that the two situations are connected.  

Read more over at Democracy Project 

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