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One in 35 people suffer myocardial injury after mRNA Boosters

Dr John Campbell, Summarised by Centrist

Dr John Campbell highlights a significant peer-reviewed study conducted in Switzerland that focuses on vaccine-associated myocardial injury after mRNA booster vaccines. 

The research reveals alarming results, indicating that 2.8% (one in 35) of participants who received the booster vaccine experienced myocardial injury, a rate much higher than previously believed. 

The advertising campaign in New Zealand for COVID-19 vaccine boosters features comic-style characters promoting vaccination, seemingly targeting a younger audience. 

The complete lack of informed consent and the importance of providing comprehensive and accurate information to potential vaccine recipients is stressed heavily by Dr Campbell.

Governments and medical professionals are urged to consider this critical study and take appropriate action to address the findings and protect public health.

Watch Dr John Campbell’s report here.

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