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OpenAI’s Sora can transform verbal commands into movie clips

Summarised by Centrist 

OpenAI’s unveiling of Sora, a tool that transforms verbal commands into incredibly lifelike movie clips, caused a stir in the tech and media realms. Sora interprets user input and generates convincing videos up to a minute long. 

Wired’s Steven Levy praised Sora’s “grasp of cinematic grammar”, for its advancement in simulating the physical world. 

The company’s researchers say  teaching common sense knowledge like “you can’t unbreak an egg” are key steps on the road to achieving next-level artificial general intelligence. 

Yet, concerns persist regarding intellectual property rights, misinformation, and errors in AI-generated content. But there is no doubt that the technology has the potential to majorly disrupt Hollywood. 

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Image: Sora

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