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Oxford Professor Carl Heneghan highlights damning points from Kansas AG’s lawsuit against Pfizer

Summarised by Centrist 

Oxford Professor Carl Heneghan has distilled key points from the Kansas Attorney General’s lawsuit against Pfizer, revealing serious allegations about the company’s handling of its COVID vaccine. 

Pfizer allegedly destroyed the vaccine control group by offering the placebo recipients the COVID vaccine post-emergency authorisation and failed to disclose that immunocompromised individuals were excluded from trials. 

Pfizer is accused of using confidentiality agreements to conceal safety and efficacy information and manipulated study timelines to hide critical data. 

The US FDA initially withheld vaccine safety data, planning to release it over 55 years, but a judge mandated quicker disclosure.

It is alleged the company knew of serious adverse events, including myocarditis and strokes, and their extensive adverse events database contained more data than VAERS. 

Apparently Pfizer only tested the booster shot on a small group of older adults and did not release comprehensive adverse event data, despite a massive backlog of reports.

The lawsuit also alleges that Pfizer did not reveal significant reproductive health effects in women, including miscarriages and menstrual disorders. 

Furthermore, Pfizer is accused of misrepresenting the vaccine’s protection duration and transmission prevention claims, while actively censoring dissenting opinions on social media. 

These revelations could have far-reaching implications for public trust and regulatory practices.

Read more over at Trust the Evidence 

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