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Peter Williams on the end of Newshub

Summarised by Centrist

Veteran broadcaster Peter Williams questions whether Newshub’s editorial stance contributed to its downfall, suggesting a reluctance to challenge prevailing narratives, particularly during the Jacinda Ardern era. 

“The reality is that Newshub, like every other mainstream media outlet, was not a truly independent voice. It was in lockstep with every other MSM outlet on the significant matters of our time – treaty issues, climate and covid. It didn’t offer any alternative views. Its political coverage, especially since the election, has regularly – like 1 News – presented anti-government views on policies the coalition parties campaigned on and were elected on,” says Williams Newshub’s demise after three and a half decades.

Despite occasional successes, Newshub struggled to match the audience dominance of TVNZ’s 1 News.

Read more over at Peter Williams substack

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