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PM Chris Hipkins fails our education system

summarised by The Centrist

PM Chris Hipkins presided over the “greatest-ever collapse in school attendance” in his over five year term as Minister of Education.  Covid didn’t help with any of this, but these problems existed before the “bugs arrived from Wuhan”. 

If you’re a small, isolated country, like New Zealand, educated people can make a huge difference. “Look at Finland, Ireland and Switzerland.” 

Our current government seems “indifferent to our isolation, thereby fostering ignorance.”

Polls show a large percentage of people think NZ is currently headed “in the wrong direction.” The only way to turn things around is “radical reform” and this doesn’t mean “expensive restructures”.

English literacy and “internationally recognised science” must be promoted in New Zealand. Along with practical skills like getting your driver’s license.

We need better qualified people working in our public service.

Read more over at Bassett, Brash and Hide

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