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Posie Parker sparks controversy in NZ

In brief
  • Parker’s NZ appearance has been controversial amongst politicians, media and LGBTQI+ activists.
  • Scuffles broke out at her Auckland event. Parker was doused with tomato juice.
  • Activists “feel” unsafe. However, protesters intimidating behaviour forced Parker to cancel appearances.
  • Green co-leader Marama Davidson:  “I am a prevention violence minister and I know who causes violence in the world. It is white cis-men.” 

Who is Posie Parker? 

Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, aka Posie Parker, is a British activist and founder of Standing for Women. She describes herself as a woman’s rights campaigner. Critics say she’s anti-transgender. Keen-Minshull is concerned women’s rights are being infringed by trans-women.

Not allowed to speak

Keen-Minshull was in NZ on her Let Women Speak tour. Her Melbourne, Australia engagement proved controversial

Large numbers of protesters attended her Auckland rally on 25 March 2023 in what trans activists dubbed a ‘positive protest’.

However, a protester assaulted Keen-Minshull with tomato juice prior to her address. Protesters broke barriers and scuffled with her supporters. Jonathan Ayling of the Free Speech Union said police had taken a “deliberate hands off approach”. 

Keen-Minshull was escorted by supporters through the unruly mob to police who escorted her away by police car.

SpeakUpForWomenNZ released a statement describing the event:

Today in Albert Park as women were punched, kicked, spat at, trampled, and overrun by a violent mob, New Zealanders have seen the true colours of some of those who, ordinarily, cloak themselves in claims of diversity, tolerance, and inclusion.

Marama Davidson

Green Party co-leader James Shaw released a statement regarding party co-leader Marama Davidson. In part it read:

It appears a motorcyclist failed to stop at a pedestrian crossing and Marama was knocked to the ground. The incident was reported to Police and Marama saw a doctor.

Asked what she thought of the assault on Keen-Minshull at the protest she attended, Davidson answered in part, “I am a prevention violence Minister and I know who causes violence in the world. It is white cis-men.”

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson blames “white cis-men” for “violence in the world”. Source: Counterspin Media.

Beset with controversy 

Media reports have been feverishly linking Keen-Minshull to neo-Nazis and former US president Donald Trump. This seems to be standard for groups trying to prevent others from speaking. Keen-Minshull has lashed out at politicians making “insinuations about a woman who campaigns to keep men out of women’s spaces.”

LGBTQI+ activist groups filed an unsuccessful judicial review application with the High Court to prevent Keen-Minshull’s entry into NZ.

The Green Party have attempted to ban Keen-Minshull from NZ, citing safety concerns.

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins condemned people abusing their right to freedom of speech to create division. However, it’s worth noting the PM supports dividing Kiwis by ethnicity through co-governance policies.

Immigration Minister Michael Wood disparaged Keen-Minshull’s views, but nonetheless agreed with her right to voice them.

Wellington’s Labour-backed mayor Tory Whanau said Keen-Minshull “would likely receive the same response in Wellington”, and encouraged Wellingtonians to turn up at the protest.

The National Party deputy co-leader Nicola Willis has said the party welcomes Keen-Minshull as long as there was no incitement to violence.

Leftwing commentator Martyn Bradbury said “it wasn’t the Trans community who were in danger, it was Posie Parker and that’s exactly what she wanted. Expect ACT to jump in the Polls.”

Keen-Minshull cancelled her Wellington event scheduled for 26 March 2023 and reportedly left NZ after warnings security could not keep her safe without police assistance.

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