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Prebble – Two “alarming” statistics, which highlight Labour’s years of failure

Summarised by Centrist 

Former Labour MP and ACT party leader Richard Prebble gives his take on New Zealand’s current socio-economic issues, spotlighting two “alarming” statistics. 

“After six years of Labour, the number of children in material hardship is higher than when Labour came to office. 

To compare, Prebble says in the four years preceding Labour, under National, 60,000 children were lifted out of material hardship. 

The total number of people on Jobseeker has reached 189,000,” he says. 

Editor’s note: There are approximately 70,000 more people on Jobseeker than there were in 2017. 

Labour’s strategy to combat poverty through wealth redistribution alone has been a failure. 

Prebble blames Labour’s failure to implement practical solutions like job coaching and driver’s licence programs. He also takes aim at their unwillingness to sanction those on the doll who are reluctant to find suitable work. 

Moreover, he critiques Labour’s handling of inflation and its repercussions on the cost of living. 

Read more over at the NZ Herald (paywalled)

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