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Prince beats King as number one on list of declined baby names by the government for 2023

Summarised by Centrist

In 2023, the once-dominant baby name “King” in New Zealand was replaced by “Prince” as the most commonly declined name, marking the first time since 2009 that King was dethroned. 

The Department of Internal Affairs rejected five instances of the name “Prince,” along with variations like “Prynce” and “Pryncè.” Several other King-related names, such as “Kingkillah,” “Jairah-King,” “Leonidas-King,” “Masai-King,” and “Kiing,” also faced rejection. 

Many of the declined names were related to royalty and religion. Additionally, names like “III,” “Isis,” and “Fanny” were among the rejected monikers. 

To avoid rejection, the government advises parents not to use official titles, or ranks, or names resembling them. Names over 70 characters (including spaces), numeric characters, symbols, or potentially offensive names are also out. 

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