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Public wary of AI use in hard news, comfortable with sports and entertainment

Summarised by Centrist

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the news industry, raising significant concerns among the public. The 2024 Digital News Report from the University of Oxford reveals widespread wariness about AI in news reporting.

Surveying 28 markets and conducting in-depth interviews in the UK, US, and Mexico, the report highlights that while awareness of AI is still relatively low, concerns about misinformation and accuracy are paramount among informed audiences. 

The use of AI to create content independently, especially for critical topics like politics and crime, is viewed with scepticism. Conversely, there is less discomfort with AI-generated content for sports and entertainment, where errors have less severe consequences.

Respondents expressed apprehension about AI’s role in potentially spreading misinformation, especially around significant events such as elections. Trust remains a crucial factor; those who generally trust the news are more likely to be comfortable with AI assisting journalists rather than creating content autonomously. This cautious acceptance varies by country, influenced by local media narratives and experiences.

Trusted news brands must carefully negotiate AI’s implementation to maintain and potentially enhance audience trust.

Read more over at The Conversation

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