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Remind me why Posie is so evil?

In brief 
  • Trans “rights” seemingly include an entitlement to trample what women see as “rights” of their own.
  • Some elected officials and MP’s enthusiastically support the mob.
  • Media shows more balance than they often do for these touchy situations.
  • The so-called “Thugs veto” is no credit to NZ.

Violence and threats somehow equals peaceful and loving

Internet videos show a crowd protesting Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull’s (aka Posie Parker) Let Women Speak tour in Auckland was at least moderately violent and aggressive, but it was painted as a peaceful protest full of love and acceptance.

This is not the first time that mainstream journalists –though not all of them– have used contempt and misrepresentation as a technique to control the narrative, nor will it be the last. Some examples are worth highlighting.

Right honourable slander

Immigration Minister Michael Wood said “I find many of [Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull’s] views repugnant, and am concerned by the way in which she courts some of the most vile people and groups around including white supremacists”.

However there were no “courting” groups promoting violence. Politicians were referencing her Melbourne rally the week before, which was attended by an independent neo-Nazi group.

Keen-Minshull defended herself to NZ Herald, saying “There’s not a single woman who ever attended any of my events and has been the aggressor. Middle-aged women asking for their rights are not going and intimidating anyone on the opposing side.” Of the Nazi presence she said “They’re absolutely not associated with me whatsoever. I absolutely abhor anything to do with Nazis. It’s preposterous they even exist in 2023.”

The NZ Herald, while at least allowing Keen-Minshull to defend herself, nonetheless called her thwarted talk an “anti-trans protest”  when in reality the organisers were women’s rights activists.

Andrew Doyle “I’ve never seen women’s rights campaigners sending death threats, rape threats, or attempting to punch someone who takes an opposing view. Yet, we see this all the time from trans activists.”

What was given very little publicity is what Keen-Minshull actually stands for, which, according to Wikipedia, seems to mostly be: women having the right to privacy in personal spaces, like change rooms; women not having to compete in sports against people who were born as males; and safe gaurds in the process of taking medical steps to transition children.

All of these positions clearly have at least an argument on their side and have plenty of support, albeit not among extreme pro trans groups. For instance, in many jurisdictions  women are allowed private spaces, including the UK. Also, World Athletics just recently announced no trans women could compete as women. As for children transitioning, there is a trend to urge caution and stress individualised care. So is Posie really so vile and “out there”?  

Thug’s veto

Keen-Minshull and the Let Women Speak event ultimately became overcrowded by boisterous protestors who physically overpowered her and the audience.

Supporters of the protest claim that this sort of behaviour is valid counter free speech in the “marketplace of ideas”. But is it?

Shouting at your opponent so they cannot make their case is called the heckler’s veto, it is not fair free speech. Likewise, threatening or attacking an opponent (call that the thug’s veto) is not free speech and is not behaviour that is acceptable in the marketplace of ideas, or anywhere in society. 

When the shoe is on the other foot -Wellington vaccine mandate protests being a recent example- those same activist journalists and politicians are quick to highlight any remotely aggressive placard or chant and label it hate speech.

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