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Reporter claims motherhood conference a “campaign to explode the population” by the Far Right

Summarised by Centrist

Politico reporter Gaby del Valle has been ridiculed around the world for claiming a pro-birth conference in Austin, Texas planned to populate the US with far-right supporters. 

Del Valle claimed that the December 2023 Natal Conference had an anti-immigration agenda and planned to populate the US with far-right supporters, writing in her article that “anxieties over falling birth rates have converged with fears of rising immigration” and arguing the ultimate goal of the Natalism movement is “total social overhaul, a culture in which child-rearing is paramount.”

The article was ridiculed by conservative media and social media users worldwide and was an own goal for Politico, after Elon Musk appeared to tweet in support of the conference. 

Del Valle has built a career out of accusing individuals and organisations of having racist and/or anti-immigration agenda, publishing stories calling Elon Musk and even The Salvation Army  discriminatory. 

Del Valle was correct, however, in reporting that the Natal Conference did play host to some speakers sceptical of immigration and Western population decline, including some affiliated with far-right and even Nazi causes. 

Read more over at Fox News

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