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Review – Frequent COVID boosters in immunocompromised could do more harm than good

Summarised by Centrist

A recent review suggests that frequent COVID booster shots in immunocompromised individuals might compromise immune responses, potentially outweighing benefits. 

Repeated mRNA vaccinations could lead to elevated levels of particular types of antibodies (IgG4) and impaired activation of crucial immune cells, raising concerns about increased susceptibility to infections, multiorgan inflammation, autoimmune diseases, rapid onset cancers, and myocarditis. 

Research scientist Alberto Boretti, the paper’s author, writes:

“While booster doses have been recommended to enhance and extend immunity, especially in the face of emerging variants, this recommendation is not based on proven efficacy, and the side effects have been neglected,” 

The Epoch Times reports that: 

“Pharmaceutical companies included only healthy individuals in their initial COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials, and the only immunocompromised subgroups included in phase 3 vaccine trials were those with chronic, stable HIV infection, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C. Yet immunocompromised individuals were the first group authorized to receive COVID-19 vaccine boosters.”

Critics note that there are very few long-term studies that evaluate safety and efficacy of repeated booster vaccination in immune-compromised people. They argue an alternative is to support the immune system and early treatment in those individuals. 

Read more over at The Epoch Times

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