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Rodney Hide calls for return to Judeo-Christian beliefs, calls climate, gender and vaccination policies “tyrannical and evil”

Summarised by Centrist

Former ACT Party leader and Cabinet Minister Rodney Hide, QSO, has come out swinging against NZ’s cultural and spiritual challenges.

“We are in an existential fight between civilisation and barbarism,” he writes. 

“My journey” decries a range of problems Hide believes are turning New Zealand rotten. 

He laments what he calls the government’s “climate scam”, before criticising his own party’s support of COVID lockdowns. He writes: 

“Even the great ACT party succumbed and supported the government shutting us out of our businesses and locking us up at home.”

Hide then goes on to say COVID vaccinations caused “metabolic machinery to produce the toxic spike protein.”

Hide notes he was trespassed from Parliament while protesting as part of “a rush to tyranny all around the world” then slams how his children at school might be encouraged to become “one of 72 genders.”

In Hide’s estimation: 

“Schools are no longer promoting Christian values and building character but are hyper focusing on gender — and race. To be non-binary and/or Māori is to be special.“

He writes that Kiwis need to “once more fight for free speech and for justice to be blind to who you are and to the colour of your skin.”

Read more over at Bassett, Brash, and Hide

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