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Rumble CEO tells NZ Government to go “pound sand” after receiving a request to censor FreeNZ

Summarised by Centrist 

In an interview on the video sharing platform, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski addressed the company’s decision not to comply with a request from the NZ government to censor the channel FreeNZ. Despite pressure from Health NZ to remove specific content related to COVID vaccine whistleblower Barry Young. 

“We’re going to tell New Zealand to go pound sand and we’re keeping up the channel and we’re still gonna broadcast to New Zealand. If they’ve got a problem with that, let’s go!” he said. 

Rumble appears to be taking a firm stance in defending freedom of expression and resisting government censorship on its platform. 

Pavlovski called the New Zealand health authority’s demand to censor activist Liz Gunn’s channel a massive infringement on human rights. He likened Rumble’s right to publish material, which is critical of the government, to the free speech fight over the Pentagon Papers in the US during the Vietnam War. 

He stressed that Rumble will not bow to such requests and will continue to support creators’ rights to share information and opinions freely.

Hear the whole interview over on Rumble

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