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“Shame on me”: Grant signals a major sea-change on puberty blockers and hormone treatments for youth

Summarised by Centrist 

Libertarian columnist Damien Grant comes out swinging against the medicalisation of gender for children in his recent opinion piece for (wait for it) Stuff. 

“That puberty blockers, hormone treatments and gender-affirming surgery are a mistake. That we are damaging and potentially sterilising children because of an ideology,” writes Grant. 

Needless to say, Stuff had to put a trigger warning at the top of the article. 

Grant acknowledges his previous reluctance to engage with this topic was a form of “cowardice”, but emphasises the importance of confronting it now. 

He focuses on the Cass Report commissioned by the National Health Service in England. The Report is causing shockwaves against the rapid increase in referrals for gender-related services and the lack of long-term evidence on the safety and efficacy of hormone interventions for minors. 

Grant notes that New Zealand has once again delayed its report on puberty blockers while several other nations have already banned their use. 

“It is possible,” he writes, “that we are looking at a major medical misadventure with a cohort of children having their lives compromised.”

Grant concludes by admonishing those who stayed silent out of fear for their careers. 

“Shame on us. Shame on me,” he writes. 

Read more over at Stuff

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