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Study – Vitamin D works better than vaccines to lower COVID risk and ICU admissions?

Summarised by Centrist 

The idea that maintaining good vitamin D levels might do more to shift the dial on resistance to COVID than vaccines gained another boost this week with a major Italian study.

Researchers, based in the Italian city of Genoa, scoured several major databases, including PubMed/MEDLINE and Google Scholar, analysing 16 publications to better understand vitamin D’s impact on COVID. 

The findings are promising: Vitamin D, known for boosting bones, muscles, and immunity, was associated with a significantly lower risk of COVID infection and ICU admissions. 

This protective effect was observed across different types of studies and among various groups, such as patients and healthcare workers, and regardless of the dosage. 

This study supports the idea that vitamin D supplementation could be a valuable part of the strategy to combat COVID. 

Editor’s note: This study, and the implication that simple measures may offer effective treatments beyond controversial vaccinations, is another example of information pertaining to COVID, which the NZ mainstream media avoids. 

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