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Summary of debate between Buddy Mikaere and Julian Batchelor on co-governance

The Platform, summarised by Centrist

On 10 July 2023, the Platform hosted a debate between Māori rights activist Buddy Mikaere and Julian Batchelor of Stop Co-Governance.  

Batchelor says the Treaty guarantees equality for all New Zealanders and gives no mandate for co-governance or partnership. 

Mikaere says Māori have “special knowledge” and that Māori perspectives are useful.

Batchelor challenged Mikaere over excluding perspectives of other cultures. Why is it just iwi? 

Mikaere says Batchelor’s presentations are “particularly racist”. He had difficulty pinpointing a racist statement, but landed on Batchelor’s concerns over He puapua. Mikaere was unfamiliar with the report and dismissed its significance.

Mikaere stumbled on the concept of a public event that denied entry to some. Batchelor stated clearly that Māori were welcome, but activists of any type – there to disrupt the event – were not. 

Mikaere says the two views are not reconcilable, that the white “over 70” demographic (whom Mikaere compared to the KKK)  is going to die, and the NZ of the future is going to be different. 

Batchelor says he’s “batting for the average Māori”, and that the amount of support he’s received has gone through the roof.

Listen to the full debate over at The Platform

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