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Swedish study reveals high health and economic cost of COVID lockdowns

Summarised by Centrist 

“Don’t lock down” is the title of a recent Swedish study published in the Economic Affairs journal, which suggests that contrary to assumptions, nations with stringent COVID lockdowns had higher excess mortality and poorer economic growth. 

Notably, Sweden’s less restrictive approach resulted in lower excess mortality and a relatively stable economy. The study questions the efficiency of certain policies, such as school closures because of their limited impact on virus transmission. 

Economic fallout, including fiscal deficits and debt levels, varied significantly among nations, but Sweden, with its lighter touch approach, demonstrated more resilience compared to others. 

The study’s authors note: 

“Sweden combined low excess death rates with relatively small economic costs. In future pandemics, policymakers should rely on empirical evidence rather than panicking and adopting extreme measures. Even if policymakers appeared to act rapidly and decisively, the rushed implementation of strict lockdowns in 2020/21 probably did more harm than good.”

Read more over at The Epoch Times and the Online Library

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