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Big Brother: The (coincidental?) connections between intelligence agencies and the “Data Industrial Complex”

Summarised by Centrist

Is the intricate relationship and historical ties between intelligence agencies, social media platforms, and Big Tech purely coincidental or indicative of a deliberate strategy to shape public opinion?

To be sure, former tech entrepreneur Josh Stylman isn’t saying he knows with certainty that the connections between groups like the CIA and Big Tech are anything more than a coincidence, but the coincidences are numerous and significant. His ultimate conclusion: 

“Regardless of whether the ascent of these internet behemoths was a deception or not, they are now incontrovertibly in cahoots with the Data Industrial Complex.” 

From the origins of companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook (now Meta), and Twitter (currently known as ‘X’) to their significant roles in data collection, censorship, and surveillance, Stylman’s no-nonsense and fact driven narrative looks at a web of connections that blur the lines between corporate interests, national security, and individual privacy.  

“There sure are a lot of uncanny ties to the intelligence community and this essay just scratches the surface. Maybe they’re all just coincidences but in doing a little research, these parallels caught my attention so I thought it worth pondering,” he says. 

Read more over at Brownstone Institute

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