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The COVID crisis – A test of freedom and government overreach

Summarised by Centrist

In John Whitehead’s commentary, he reflects on the COVID pandemic as a litmus test for freedom and governmental overreach. Three years later, society still grapples with infringements on individual sovereignty. 

Whitehead critiques the government’s disproportionate measures like lockdowns, surveillance, and coercive mandates. He draws clear parallels to authoritarian regimes, noting the slippery slope from crisis management, in the name of the public good, to totalitarian control. 

“How do you get from there to here, from Auschwitz concentration camps to COVID quarantine centres?

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to connect the dots. You just have to recognise the truth in the warning: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” he says. 

Whitehead says that ultimately COVID was, but one of a series of crises shamelessly exploited by the government to track and control the citizenry. 

Read more over at The Rutherford Institute

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