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The Graft Continues: Transparency International slams ‘watered down’ draft voluntary lobbying code

Summarised by Centrist 

According to Transparency International NZ (TINZ) the extent to which the Voluntary Lobbying Code of Conduct is watered down from an initial Ministry of Justice draft, even though it is non-binding, is striking.

Key points of contention include the removal or dilution from the draft of ethical principles such as: refusing special treatment from personal relationships; refusing to make false claims about connections with public officials; and avoiding offering gifts or hospitality to public officials, which create a sense of obligation; plus many more. 

The organisation cites international examples of lobbying codes of conduct from countries like Canada, Ireland, and Australia, which provide more comprehensive guidelines for lobbying.  

TINZ says: “The sad irony is that it displays how effective lobbyists can be at influence/spin, this time in their own interests.”

Read more over at Transparency International

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