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The “Green New Scam” climate alarmism agenda is finally falling apart

Summarised by Centrist

Author James Rickards says the “Green New Scam”, championed by climate alarmists and elites, is unravelling under scrutiny by an increasingly incredulous public.  

Ignorance, ideological zeal, and greed drive support for climate policies based on junk science and computer models, he writes.  

Rickards refers to this agenda as a new form of communism, which seeks to undermine the US economy through collective action and environmental regulations. 

Rickards argues most of the upper crust types that buy into the hype think  CO₂ is the primary cause of climate change. He argues there is much science to support the view that natural factors like solar cycles, ocean currents and other forces not controlled by human beings play a significant role. 

Electric vehicles (EVs), a cornerstone of the green agenda, face criticism for their environmental impact, high costs, and impracticality.

A McKinsey survey reveals nearly half of US EV owners want to return to traditional internal-combustion engine (ICE) vehicles due to expense, charging issues, and limited range. 

As more people recognise the drawbacks of EVs and green policies, the once-dominant climate narrative is collapsing. 

“The truth is that the EV was invented in 1837 and reached the peak of its popularity in 1910 just before the mass production of internal-combustion cars by Henry Ford,” writes Rickards. 

“It sounds like they’re getting it right again,” he notes. 

Read more over at The Daily Reckoning

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