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The Guardian: Boomers are still very much running the world

Summarised by Centrist

Writing for The Guardian, columnist Gene Marks says in an era of generational diversity in the workplace with millennials, Gen Z, Gen X, and boomers, distinctions in work habits and attitudes are evident. While younger generations poke fun at boomers for their quirks, like wallpaper in the bathroom and phoning rather than text messaging, they still exert the most control over substantial aspects of society, including business. 

Marks says: 

“The ad world and media in general love to think that small business is full of beautiful, diverse people in their 20s and 30s running sustainable, innovative, pioneering and admirable coffee shops, craft bourbon distilleries and vertical farms.”

But that’s simply not the case. US data suggests individuals over 50 own the majority (54%) of businesses, with some even in their 70s. 

Also, the management of most major corporations is mostly male and white

“They’re boomers. And no one likes to admit that,” says Marks.

Read more over at The Guardian

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