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The Peters Conspiracy: Media boss opens Pandora’s ‘Whine-Box’ in plot to gag Deputy PM’s media corruption claims 

Summarised by Centrist

“They have said the quiet part out loud.” 

That’s the summation of Winston Peters regarding revelations that senior editorial figures discussed withholding coverage of the Deputy PM’s criticisms of the media. 

The revelations came from the co-editor of Newsroom, Mark Jennings, in an RNZ podcast. Jennings admitted to “quite a lot of talk in the media – particularly among senior editorial people” to silence Peters due to disagreement with his views. 

“It is a glimpse behind the curtain with this astonishing admission that exposes the deep-seated planning and narrative of some ‘senior editorial people’ in the media,” Peters wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter).  

Such collusion contradicts the fundamental role of the media as unbiased watchdogs and signals trouble for democracy, he said. 

For his part, Jennings tried to downplay his comments in a reply to Peters on X. 

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