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The Platform’s Michael Laws slams Jacinda Ardern’s new role

Summarised by Centrist

Michael Laws delivered a fiery critique of former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s latest appointment focused on promoting kindness and empathy in leadership. 

Laws lambasted Ardern for her perceived hypocrisy, accusing her of lacking self-awareness and disregarding the impacts of her past policies.

He claimed Ardern’s new role promoting kindness is hypocritical given her tenure as Prime Minister, where he alleges she implemented policies that rendered “tens of thousands of New Zealanders second class-citizens.”

He vehemently criticised her handling of the COVID pandemic, accusing her of enforcing a “totalitarian system” that separated families and caused widespread suffering. He highlighted her strict mandates that led to job losses for those refusing vaccination.

Laws also argued that Ardern caused significant division and pain in New Zealand, forcing her to resign. He ridiculed her self-proclaimed mission to “re-humanise leadership,” suggesting she should instead apologise to those she harmed. 

In his most scathing remarks, Laws suggested Ardern should be stripped of her damehood for the “damage” she inflicted and for misrepresenting her actions and character.

Laws concluded that Ardern’s appointment to promote kindness and empathy in leadership is an affront to those who suffered under her policies.

Editor’s note: The dynamics of kindness in leadership can be complex and multifaceted. While actions taken in the name of kindness may benefit certain groups, they can simultaneously disadvantage others. This duality is akin to the tale of Cinderella, where the stepmother’s kindness towards her own daughters resulted in neglect and hardship for Cinderella. 

Hear more over at The Platform

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