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The WHO Pandemic Agreement – A stupid monstrosity

Summarised by Centrist 

“The Pandemic Agreement is above all concerned with expanding and enhancing the prerogatives of the WHO bureaucracy. That is not great, but it is also not world hygiene totalitarianism.” That’s the scathing conclusion of blogger Eugyppius on the WHO Pandemic Agreement, which he says is full of inherent flaws and misguided intentions. He says that while the proposals may claim to be aimed at addressing global health crises, “this deeply stupid monstrosity” falls short in its execution and practicality.

The genesis of the agreement traces back to 2020, gaining traction among influential bodies like the G7 and the World Health Organization. However, the draft fails to offer tangible solutions, drowning instead in bureaucratic verbiage and empty rhetoric. Terms like “Infodemic” and “One Health Approach” are vaguely defined, but are barely connected to any articles in the Treaty itself, showcasing a disconnect between theory and practice.

Moreover, the agreement’s emphasis on “strengthening” various sectors and promoting equity appears superficial, lacking substance beyond lofty ideals. Articles on preparedness monitoring and technology transfer emphasise bureaucracy over efficacy. Meanwhile attempts to attenuate intellectual property rights, and transfer some of those ownership rights to the WHO, seem like convoluted half-baked scams, bound to fail, according to Eugyppius.

Read more over at Eugyppius

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