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Trans ideology in NZ continues to maintain a grip over NZ’s political and media class

Summarised by Centrist

While the rest of the world shakes off the grip of trans ideology, “our media and political class continue to trundle along with their fingers in their ears and their eyes firmly shut,” according to Citizen Science (a pseudonym). The criticism comes as the government considers the Corrections Amendment Bill to allow trans inmates to nominate the sex of the prison officer searching them.

Rex Landy, from Ōtaki and member of Mana Wāhine Kōrero, expressed strong opposition to the bill. She crudely called out former Minister of Police and Labour MP Ginny Anderson. Consequently, her submission to the Justice select committee hearing was abruptly stopped by National MP Ranitata James Meager. 

“And here we see the unity of the political class in the face of those who don’t speak nicely – ‘members of the public’ and their silly attachment to biological reality,” says Citizen Science. 

Moreover, CS says Minister of Youth and Mental Health Matt Doocey’s previous work at the now discredited Gender Identity Service at Tavistock Clinic in London, should disqualify him from decisions regarding puberty blockers. 

The writer notes prescriptions for the potentially dangerous drugs have increased for 0-17 year-olds from 74 in 2006 to 648 in 2023.  

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