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Transforming lessons identified into lessons learned is the main lesson in effective emergency preparedness 

Summarised by Centrist

After an emergency, it’s not enough to identify lessons, they need to be learned insofar as they become implemented into  emergency preparedness planning. Former politician and current Newsroom columnist Lianne Dalziel isn’t sure that’s happening fast enough, if at all, in New Zealand. 

Dalziel writes that recent severe weather events, like Cyclone Gabrielle, have exposed gaps in the emergency management system, particularly in terms of situational awareness and coordination among agencies. 

A key recommendation highlighted by inquiries and reviews is the implementation of a common operating platform to provide real-time information sharing during crises. 

She writes: 

“Without a common operating picture, information had to be repeatedly requested rather than provided automatically. This meant information requests swamped many regional and local coordination centres, affecting their ability to manage their crisis response.”

Cost constraints have hindered progress in this area, “But what has been the cost of not having such a system in play when these severe weather events hit?” asks Dalziel. 

She says that a national lessons management system is also needed to ensure consistent practices and learning across agencies to enable a more coordinated and effective response.

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