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Union County, North Carolina, declares ‘Medical Freedom,’ bans Fluoride in water supply

Summarised by Centrist 

In a contentious decision, Union County commissioners in North Carolina voted 3-2 to cease the addition of fluoride to the county’s water supply. 

While paediatric dentists argued for the importance of fluoridation in preventing tooth decay, activists argued against it, citing potential negative impacts on brain development, particularly in gestating children. 

The debate showcased conflicting views on the effectiveness and safety of water fluoridation. Commissioner Richard Helms said he personally saw the difference fluoridated water made in his own life when he switched over from well water and his dental problems eased. 

Vice Chairman Brian Helms said the debate was not whether fluoride is good or bad.  

“The argument is if this board, the Union County Board of Commissioners, has the authority to put a medicine or a medical substance in our water without the consent of the residents,” said Helms. “Do we have the authority to do so? My opinion is that we do not,” he said. 

Read mover over at NC Newsline

Image: Mark Clifton from Charlotte, United States

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