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Welsh government proposes to outlaw politicians lying by 2026

Summarised by Centrist 

In the UK, the Labour-led Welsh government has announced its commitment to introduce legislation making lying in politics illegal before the 2026 Senedd elections. 

Sam Fowles, an advisor to centre-left Plaid Cymru politician Adam Price, a key advocate for the law, said: “This measure will ensure that politicians are held to the same standards as lawyers and doctors who already have enforceable truth-telling obligations. This seems to me to be long overdue.”

The proposed law aims to disqualify members and candidates found guilty of deliberate deception through an independent judicial process. 

The initiative aims to address the erosion of democratic values caused by political dishonesty, with supporters arguing that truth-telling is fundamental to democracy. 

Critics and advocates alike acknowledge the complexity of enforcing such legislation, but there is broad agreement on the need for greater accountability in politics. This initiative reflects growing public demand for honesty and integrity from elected representatives, positioning Wales as a pioneer in the fight against political deception.

“We are at the beginning of a global movement. We are going to outlaw political lying,” said Price. 

Labour member, Lee Waters, said: “The public needs to know they can trust what is being said. Lying cannot become the norm.”

Read more over at The Guardian

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