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What’s causing a surge of unusual cancer cases post-pandemic?

Summarised by Centrist

Dr Kashyap Patel and his colleagues have noticed a disturbing rise in rare and aggressive cancers since the COVID pandemic began. In an interview, Patel said that he has seen multiple patients with cholangiocarcinoma, a rare cancer usually seen in older adults, now appearing in younger individuals. 

The uptick in such cases, alongside other rare cancers, has raised concerns about a potential link to COVID.

Some experts, like geneticist Douglas C Wallace, argue that the virus might have long-term effects, possibly exacerbating cancer growth. 

Although definitive evidence linking COVID to cancer is lacking, some early studies suggest that the virus’s inflammatory response could stimulate dormant cancer cells.

Patel and his team are conducting their own research, collecting data from patients to explore correlations between COVID and unusual cancers. They aim to establish a national registry to track trends and possibly identify at-risk individuals for early screening.

Despite scepticism from some scientists, Patel and other researchers urge the US government to prioritise investigating this potential link. 

Read more over at The Washington Post via MSN

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