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Whistleblower adds more fuel for a COVID inquiry

In brief
  • Whistleblower alleges COVID vaccine-death link in New Zealand, in the thousands, backed by government data. 
  • Health New Zealand dismissed these claims with the usual empty platitudes, and no analysis. 
  • The NZ COVID inquiry is a golden opportunity, for the world, to prove vaccine sceptics wrong (or not), but it won’t work if the process is seen as rigged. 

A whistleblower comes forward

A whistleblower, going by the alias Winston Smith, has raised concerns about New Zealand’s COVID vaccine rollout, alleging a connection between vaccinations and deaths. Smith had access to government death and vaccine data. He points to what he says is compelling evidence that the COVID vaccines kill. 

We won’t get into the details, since it cannot be done effectively without experts that are truly balanced. The information, though incomplete, contains details of vaccinations and those who have since died. It has been analysed by Smith and others and is available over the internet to be studied further. It is already news worldwide. The whistleblower has since been arrested and charged. 

The information disclosed is not sufficient for a perfect analysis, but the NZ government could complete the package.

Health New Zealand has responded to the whistleblowers’ claims, calling them “misinformation”, saying he isn’t medically qualified, etc, but the data does appear to be real and it doesn’t require any great medical insight to raise questions. 

Whistleblower speaking at COVID inquiry hearings.
More than ever, New Zealand needs a proper COVID inquiry to get to the bottom of the rumours and murmurings, which are running rampant.

We need to get to the bottom of this

While the accuracy of the whistle blower’s claims is debatable, they underscore the importance of investigating vaccine effectiveness. 

New Zealand is in a unique position, having introduced vaccines before a major COVID-19 outbreak. This means there is a period of time when many were vaccinated but there was no COVID circulating to confuse the data.  

If New Zealand doesn’t seize this opportunity to investigate thoroughly it will raise the question, what are they afraid of? 

The potential consequences of such an inquiry are substantial, and those with vested interests, including mainstream media, medical professionals, and the Government, may actively discourage it. Addressing concerns head-on is necessary for transparency and public trust.

NZ media vs the rest of the world

NZ’s mainstream media remains behind the curve as the rest of the world begins to wake up to disturbing patterns of death and injury linked to mass COVID vaccinations. From publicly reported global excess death data to reports of increasing numbers of strokes amongst seniors, suspicions about the COVID vaccine “safe and effective” narrative are becoming mainstream. 

Florida and Texas, at least, are suing Pfiser for overstating the effectiveness and understating the risk.

The Government commits to expanding the existing COVID inquiry

New Zealand’s new coalition government is expanding the current light-touch whitewash inquiry into something much more comprehensive but not yet fully defined.

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