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WHO has a sinister, neo-imperial agenda, Doc warns

Summarised by Centrist

Vaccines are the new gunboats in WHO scheme for global health laws, warns doctor. 

Pleasant sounding buzzwords out of The World Health Organization (WHO) mask a sinister, neo-imperial agenda, says Dr David Bell, a clinical and public health physician. The WHO has been “rebooted” to deliver a new colonial order, akin to 19th century Europe’s ‘gunboat diplomacy’, under the guise of “vaccine equity”, he says. 

“(T)he noble field of international public health,” was born in the 1850s, to tackle the downside of European colonialism. Namely the introduction to the west of pestilence such as cholera, typhus, and smallpox, and was eventually rebranded “Global Health” to reflect the more progressive, modern era.  

Bell argues the WHO’s response to the COVID pandemic has exacerbated the plight of former colonies and, in reality, perpetuated inequities. 

Bell writes: 

“With the world turning full-circle, post-World War Two concepts of human rights, equality and local agency are exiting the international stage. The veiled colonialism currently dressed up as vaccine equity looks like a bunch of colonial bureaucrats forcing their sponsors’ wares on those with less power, whilst building policies to ensure this imbalance remains. Malnutrition, infectious disease, child marriage and generational poverty are side issues to the…  bottom line.”

Read more over at The Daily Sceptic

Image: Ministério da Saúde

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