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Courts grant partial guardianship of baby to Health NZ

HealthNZ has been granted partial guardianship, through the Auckland High Court under the Care of Children Act, of a 6 month old child with a congenital heart defect requiring medical treatment involving a blood transfusion. The parents stated that they do not want blood from people vaccinated for COVID 19, but the ruling means Health NZ can proceed with the procedure without parental consent. The parents are being represented by lawyer Sue Grey, co-leader of the NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party.

The partial guardianship means the parents remain the baby’s legal guardians in all matters outside the medical issues covered by the ruling.

While ultimately accepting the scientific claims of Dr Sarah Morley, chief medical officer of NZBS that vaccinated blood was safe, the case record shows the judge also accepted the parents had ’emerging concerns’ about the risks of blood from vaccinated donors containing spike proteins. The judge ruled, however, the interests of the child were served by going ahead with the procedure.

The family has, at their own expense, found donors who are suitable and passed quality control checks. They wanted the hospital to bypass NZ Blood Services (NZBS) and use their donors. The High Court judge was not convinced that using the parents preferred donors was a safe alternative and, therefore, not in the child’s best interests.

Multiple media outlets have interviewed Dr Nikki Turner, director of the Immunization Advisory Centre (IMAC). IMAC is primarily funded through the Ministry of Health. Turner says allowing the parents to proceed with their request would set a dangerous precedent and from a scientific point of view there are no concerns about using vaccinated blood.

Other jurisdictions change their positions on vaccinations

It has been well documented overseas that different jurisdictions have changed positions on different aspects of COVID vaccinations as emerging scientific data is made available. Two examples, of many, are vaccines were previously recommended for pregnant women in the UK and for young men in Florida, but now they are not.

Unvaccinated blood in demand

Donor directed blood donation has previously been accepted, though not encouraged by NZBS. Earlier this year their website featured a policy discussing the issue, and hosted a PDF document with information surrounding the process, which has since been made inaccessible.

An international unvaccinated-only blood bank has been opened in an attempt to meet the growing demand for blood from people who have not received COVID vaccinations.

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