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The curious case of 217 jabs

Summarised by Centrist 

In a strange twist, mainstream media has embraced the story of a German criminal claiming to have received 217 COVID vaccine doses, despite the person facing charges related to fake vaccine card sales. 

This tale, amplified by sensational headlines, raises questions about journalistic integrity and scientific rigour. 

According to vaccine sceptic ANANDAMIDE: 

“It’s odd because (the accusation of) anecdotes are so frequently used to dismiss vaccine injuries but when they support the safety of the vaccine they are trumpeted by all news outlets.”

ANANDAMIDE reckons “Now the media will have seeded the minds of people that someone survived 217 jabs and maybe you should take the 10th jab that the CDC is marketing right now.”

Read more over at the anandamide substack

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