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Cindy vs Chippy

In brief

  • Why is calling Ardern “Cindy” supposedly demeaning, but calling Hipkins “Chippy”, okay? 
  • Why is criticism of media favourites who are from protected categories, for instance women, labelled sexist, racist, etc, but sexist and racist labels like “male, pale, and stale” are okay? 
  • Could it be reflective of the media’s own prejudices?

What’s in a name?

For the progressive woke media, Ardern’s nickname “Cindy” becomes a slur by trolls seething at the fact a woman dares rise to prominence. But they readily embrace “Chippy” for Chris Hipkins, even though it hardly sounds prime ministerial. 

Granted, Hipkins seems to be fine with the name. But, for a millennial who lacks experience outside of professional politics, you’d think referencing his boyishness wouldn’t be appreciated. Apparently not in Chippy’s case.  

And while Ardern never endorsed “Cindy”, it doesn’t explain why some claim the moniker is misogynistic.

“Cindy” is just an extract of “Jacinda”. It’s reasonable in New Zealand where nicknames are common that a person in the public eye would be so labelled.

Ironically, some of the pettiest policies Ardern enacted affected women in very personal ways. Namely, barring unvaccinated women from hairdressers and stopping a pregnant journalist returning to NZ from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.  

The media’s double standards

Ardern gets a “nothing to see here” pass on her deception and extreme policies from the woke media because it has double standards. It routinely disparages white straight men and celebrates others for not being white straight men. That’s not to take away from anyone, but character, accomplishments, competence and ability are secondary to identity for the woke. 

It doesn’t help when Paul Hunt, the Human Rights Commissioner, makes the emotionally provocative claim white supremacy is “woven into the fabric” of New Zealand. It is noteworthy that Shane Jones of NZ First, in a recent interview on The Platform, said they will fire Hunt if they get in a position to do so after the next election, due to Hunt’s extreme views and using his office to promote them. 

Also, consider the kid gloves some non-white politicians get. According to many media reports, Efeso Collins’ Auckland mayoral loss wasn’t solely due to others having policies preferred by voters, but because of racism

Imagine if Nanaia Mahuta was caucasian. How would multiple perceived conflicts of interest and overt nepotism have been treated by the media? One can only guess.  

Male, pale, and stale

The woke media has protected categories of people. Criticism of anyone other than “male, pale, and stale” is considered sexist, racist, etc. 

In reality, though, isn’t any derogatory ring “Cindy” has to it more likely to be due to Ardern’s reputation as a divisive leader? Not sexism.

Kiwis haven’t been served by appeals to identity because it’s a fools game. To ad lib Dr Martin Luther King: it would be wise to judge others not by skin colour or gender, but by the content of their character.

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